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Do You Still Need a Root Canal if Your Tooth Pain Stops?

September 16, 2022

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Having a toothache can be a real stressor. The discomfort may make it difficult to eat, spend time with loved ones, work, and even fall asleep. Depending on what’s causing the pain, your dentist may recommend getting a root canal to repair the tooth. But if your pain suddenly disappears, this may seem like a welcome break. Though you may think this means you no longer need treatment, is that really the case? Read on to learn if you will still need to get a root canal if your tooth stops hurting.

What Makes a Toothache Go Away?

If the toothache you had was mild, the pain was likely being caused by a minor issue such as a small cavity. A toothache can also be caused by gum recession, which can be improved over time with a solid oral hygiene routine and help from your dentist. Moderate to severe toothaches have more concerning origins, such as serious decay or trauma to the tooth. If this kind of toothache suddenly goes away, it’s usually because the nerves inside have been destroyed by infection.

Why You Still Need a Root Canal If Your Tooth Pain Stops

If your toothache was caused by an infection inside of the tooth, you will still need to undergo root canal therapy. If you don’t, this will give the infection a chance to spread to other parts of the mouth and destroy the bone surrounding the tooth. The infection may also enter the bloodstream, which allows it to travel to other parts of the body and cause potentially life-threatening conditions like sepsis.

How Root Canal Therapy Can Help

Fortunately, the above issues can be avoided with root canal therapy. During this procedure, your dentist will remove the infected tooth pulp. Since this is where the nerves are, this procedure will both get rid of the infection and stop the pain. They will then clean it out and fill it before placing a dental filling or crown. This will protect the tooth from future damage and prevent the need for an extraction.

As you can see, a toothache that suddenly goes away isn’t a sign that you no longer need treatment. If you’re experiencing a toothache, be sure to reach out to your dentist as soon as possible so they can determine the cause and administer the treatment you need for a healthy smile!

About the Practice

Ellicott City Smiles Dental Group is led by Dr. Reza Modarres, Dr. Monica Tiu, Dr. Navpreet Kaur Khatra, and Dr. Nesreen Sabah. These four talented dentists use their expertise in the field to give patients beautiful, healthy teeth. If you have a toothache, they can determine what’s causing it and administer treatments like root canal therapy to repair your smile. To make an appointment with Ellicott City Smiles Dental Group or for more information on root canal therapy, visit their website or call their office at (410) 465-3224.

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