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Am I Eligible for General Anesthesia?

February 15, 2021

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a young man wearing a denim shirt sits in the dentist’s chair smiling while waiting to learn if he’s a candidate for general anesthesia

Do you have a difficult time sitting still for prolonged periods of time? Do you require complex dental work and other methods of sedation don’t seem to be enough? General anesthesia is a safe and effective solution offered by many dental professionals, but how can you know if you are eligible for treatment? Is it available to anyone or are certain requirements needed? A dentist explains the process for using this type of sedation and what you will need to possess to be a qualified candidate.

What is General Anesthesia?

General anesthesia is the most complex method of sedation, as it requires a trained professional to administer it and ensure an individual remains safe throughout treatment. Most commonly used in hospital settings, some qualified dentists may incorporate it into their practice and use it on patients who experience extreme dental anxiety or who are preparing for complex dental care and are required to remain still for a long period of time.

Because it is designed to help individuals “sleep” during a procedure, it allows the person to enter into an unconscious state and remember nothing from their surgery.

How Does it Work?

The process of receiving general anesthesia must first include a consultation with the dentist to discuss eligibility. Once an individual is cleared for treatment, they will be instructed to avoid food or drinks after a certain time before undergoing a particular procedure. On the day of surgery, the dentist will administer the anesthesia via an IV, through a mask, or with an injection. Carefully monitoring the person before, during, and after surgery, the dentist will ensure they are fully sedated, safe, and completely at ease.

It is likely that the dental team will be with an individual throughout the procedure as well as after to ensure they wake from anesthesia and experience no problems.

A person who receives general anesthesia will need to have someone escort them to and from their appointment, as the side effects do take time to fully wear off.

Who is Eligible to Receive It?

Not everyone is eligible to receive general anesthesia. Much more complex than nitrous oxide or oral conscious sedation, it requires more thorough consultation to ensure an individual is qualified. During a consultation, the dentist will ask a series of questions about the person’s health and medical history as well as determine if any medications or issues can make receiving general anesthesia too risky. Most commonly, patients who experience the following are considered qualified candidates:

  • Require multiple dental treatments or a more complex surgery that requires sitting for prolonged periods of time
  • Patients with extreme dental anxiety
  • Individuals with certain special needs (i.e., Autism)
  • Those who cannot successfully be sedated with other forms of sedation

Scheduling a consultation with a dentist is the only way a person can know for sure if they are qualified to receive general anesthesia. With the help of this trusted and proven method of sedation, patients can experience a more comfortable and relaxing dental visit that produces successful results.

About the Practice
Ellicott City Smiles is led by a team of three dental professionals who are passionate about helping people feel more confident in their smiles. Committed to whole-body wellness, Drs. Reza Modarres, Monica Tiu, and Navpreet Kaur Khatra ensure an individual’s oral and overall health and wellbeing are properly cared for when selecting the appropriate treatment. And if patients appear too anxious or nervous about a particular procedure or visit, sedation dentistry is available to calm nerves and create a more comfortable and relaxing experience. If you are worried about your upcoming appointment, contact us via the website or by calling (410) 465-3224.

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